Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association


Contact Congressional Members Regarding Composite Plans Before September 9


capitol-400x250In a recent email, SMACNA informed chapter leadership how a coordinated campaign to get action completed on Composite Plans in Congress before the end of the 2019 session is now underway. Timing is critical and we must put Composite Plans on the radar of every Member of Congress now before any of these scenarios play out. They need to hear from SMACNA members early and often!

Since the Multiemployer Pension Reform Act (MPRA) passed in 2015 (without Composite Plans), we have battled together for legislation to authorize them. There has been a lot of progress made, but we need to get this across the finish line.

Currently a pension bill has moved out of the House, without any serious Composite Plan effort emerging. The landscape in the Senate is still unclear. In a bipartisan effort with 29 Republican votes, the House passed the Butch Lewis Act, a bill that would establish a government funded Pension Rehabilitation Trust Fund for failing multiemployer pension plans. Under the Butch Lewis Act, loans would be backed by the federal government, and many experts think they may never be repaid.

SMACNA needs you to take action now, and here is what you can do:

Set up Congressional meetings during the current summer recess

  • Use Contacting Congress to enter your address information, the site will then provide everything you need to contact the appropriate Members of Congress.

  • Call the local office and request a meeting or find out where/when a Town Hall meeting is being held.

  • Take some of your members with you to the meetings.

  • Congress is out of session until September 9 – take advantage of this break to meet them in their home districts.

  • Please use these Composite Plan talking points – these can also be used for a phone call.

Please share any conversations you have with the Capitol Hill Office at (202) 997-0963.

Write or call all Members of your Congressional Delegation

  • A sample draft letter is now available for you to use.

  • It is important that you write or call your Members of Congress. Members need to hear from their staff that they are receiving mail and calls on the issue of Composite Plans.

Please send the Capitol Hill Office copies of your letters and any responses you receive.

SMACNA requests you to get active and stay active on this issue. We will address some other issues affecting industry plans later but for now we want to push hard on the need for Composite Plans, sooner not later.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call the Capitol Hill Office for more information at (202) 547-8202.