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Ten Tips for Leadership During a Crisis

Leadership-103332705 600x400As the entire world confronts the coronavirus outbreak crisis, strong and steady leadership is what is needed the most. Even though it may sound cliché, from crisis comes opportunity, and strong vision sees no barriers.

A recent article published in Inc. stresses that leaders like yourself are called upon in this time of uncertainty to lead. The article goes on to give ten useful tips for leaders to make something good when it seems impossible, and how they can rise to the challenge of the coronavirus crisis.

1. Align expectations

In a crisis, you will not have all the answers but will need to address the unknown and speak confidently. People will expect actions from you. Leaders conquer communications barriers and communicate early and often.

2. All eyes are on you

Your challenge is to see yourself outside of yourself to gain an understanding of how others see and perceive you as a leader. Self-awareness is a critical capability that leaders must develop.

3. Stay positive

Remain as optimistic as possible. How you show up in a crisis has a significant impact. Positive thoughts and actions focus on strengths, successes, opportunities and collaboration. Leaders radiate trust, hope and optimism that leads to positive energy, confidence and purpose.

4. Tell the truth

Explain the problem honestly in a straightforward way, focusing on positive steps to overcome it. Choose words wisely, be consistent and clear.

5. Know what you stand for

It's not just about standing for something; it's about the difference you make in the world and stepping up to share what you stand for to encourage others to do the same. Leaders work from a place of purpose.

6. Demonstrate empathy

Show people that you genuinely care by relating to their perspective. Recognize behaviors and respond to emotions. Empathy isn't about what you want--it's about what the other person needs.

7. See the big picture

Leaders can see the big picture and visualize the potential impact long before others do. One of the hardest things to do in a crisis is to step back from managing the urgent problems while maintaining focus on the bigger picture.

8. Slow down and stay calm

People need to feel safe and secure. The composure of leaders must embody agility and patience to minimize the impact of uncertainty. Crisis is fueled when composure is missing.

9. Have a plan

If you don't know where you're going, you'll never get there. Focus and discipline are essential. Envision success and build a plan that is easy to understand and flexible in responding to the unknown.

10. Simply lead

Don't miss an opportunity to lead--to rise above the chaos and crisis when everything seems impossible. The world needs you.

You can read the full article at Inc.