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Leadership Strategies for COVID-19 and Beyond

Persons with protective masks-1255800110 600x400As a leader, you’ve been challenged with facing one of the most difficult times in modern history. With the ongoing global pandemic, record job loss, and an uncertain economic outlook, it’s no wonder leaders are looking for smart strategies to help propel their organizations — and people — forward.

Here are five strategies that leaders should consider as they move forward through the pandemic — and beyond.

Your people come first. This is true regardless if there is a pandemic, but deserves even more attention when the health of your employees in on the line every day. Work schedules have become more flexible, PPE required (for all workers), and more time has been allotted to adequately prepare and secure jobsites for safe work. You employees’ health and safety is your number one priority.

You customers are a priority too. Associations’ goals reflect their members’ needs. COVID-19 has changed daily life for everyone, including your members and their employees. Continue to offer resources to your members that are informative, useful, and help them connect to other members experiencing similar challenges amid the pandemic. FAQs and other guidelines provided by industry and subject-matter experts help your members work through the uncertainty with added peace of mind.

Test your organization’s financial strength. Have your CAO or other members of your finance team present a variety of financial scenarios that show how the future of your organization will play out under different situations. For example, if your revenue is heavily dependent on in-person meeting attendance and sponsorships, how will you make up for those losses in 2020 and possibly 2021? Share the information with your board, and use it to help make decisions that help balance the organization’s financial health with its longer-term goals.

Communicate often. Engage with your employees and members on a regular basis. While member communications are likely already on a steady rhythm, ensure you’re also checking in with employees on a regular basis. Employees often speak with members on a day-to-day basis more frequently than leaders do, and their feedback can be a useful pulse check of how your organization is meeting members’ needs. And don’t forget, your employees are struggling too. Take time to learn about and address their challenges and concerns.

Stick to you core mission. Review your mission statement and organizational purpose with your team, and ensure that your actions align with both short- and long-term efforts designed to meet members’ needs while ensuring operational success. Ask yourself, ‘Is what we’re doing in 2020 advancing the core mission of the organization and positioning it for future success?’