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WHO Guide for Managing Stress

994px-Who_logo 582x600The World Health Organization (WHO) has released “Doing What Matters in Times of Stress,” a guide containing five sections, each with a new idea and a tool for implementing the strategy and aimed at reducing stress and improving health.

The contents of the guide include:

  1. Grounding

  2. Unhooking

  3. Acting on Your Values

  4. Being Kind

  5. Making Room

The strategies are easy to learn and can be used a few minutes each day to help you reduce your stress levels. Start by reading read one section, and then following up by practicing the exercises. You should do this over the course of several days and weeks.

Or, you can read the book in its entirety, and apply what you like when it works for you and your situation. The guide and tools are designed to be applied to help reduce stress.

If you prefer to access the book via audio, you can download an audio version of the guide here.