How to Improve Virtual Work in 2021

By now most of us have the remote-work scenario down. Or do we?

Laptop-and-toolbox-with-tools-488881782-600x450.jpgBy now most of us have the remote-work scenario down. Or do we? For many, 2020 was the first time in their career they worked remotely. For some, while it was initially a welcome change, it quickly became challenging, if not isolating. And for many, it’s been the norm for a little better than a year now.

So what could possibly have changed between now and last year at this time? Turns out, a lot. Below are some tools and software that you can add to your work-from-home toolkit to improve remote work in 2021. Some of these tools will help boost your productivity, others will improve your conference call experiences, and a couple could improve communication with your team.

Krisp. Removes background noise that comes in through your speakers and out of your mic to help eliminate distractions on calls and virtual meetings. Take more notes during video calls with this high-tech, low-cost (the first 600 minutes each month are free) transcription service, which includes the ability to automatically transcribe Zoom calls at a moment’s notice, making it a great alternative to taking notes.

Notion. Allows workers to consolidate features from a wide range of productivity apps and perform tasks in one all-purpose app.

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