Seven Phrases That Build Trust

When you lead an association, words matter. These seven phrases can help you build more trust.

Hubspot’s Chief People Officer Katie Burke wrote a column for about how words matter when it comes to building high-performing, engaged and inclusive teams. She says your energy as a leader has a great impact on your team —from what you say in meetings to the tone of your emails, whether you’re communicating with board members or employees. She recommends being intentional about the tone you set each day and says these seven phrases can help leaders convey gratitude, vulnerability and trust, improving the energy in the room or on Zoom:

  1. I appreciate you because… Gratitude works really well when it’s specific, so be clear with what you’re thanking someone for.
  2. What do you see that I don’t see? You will learn something new every time you ask this question.
  3. Welcome to the team. If new board members feel included, they will feel better about participating in the work they were elected to do.
  4. I’ve got you. This simple phrase helps build a culture of trust.
  5. Tell me more. Being an active listener is the best way to get good feedback.
  6. I’m sorry. Owning mistakes is another great way to build trust.
  7. I’m signing off. It’s important to let them know you realize they have other priorities as well, so you aren’t expecting them to devote all their extra time to your board.

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