SMACNA Chapters Launch New Websites

SMACNA of San Diego, SMACNA Iowa and SMACNA Long Island recently launched new chapter websites.

SMACNA is pleased to announce the launch of several new chapter websites this year, including:

These sites feature dynamic content syndicated from SMACNA’s website, including SMACNews and national member news.

SMACNA’s chapter website program includes all upgrades, hosting, and any additional work needed to keep the site current. The chapter no longer has to worry that its website uses old or out of date technology. Chapters can choose from two templates:

  • Dynamic Template: For chapters that wish to continuously monitor and update their own websites with content.
  • Static Template: For smaller-staffed chapters who want something that can exist without much day-to-day interaction.

SMACNA National hosts the site on the SMACNA Connect platform, but your URL remains the same. Training and resources are provided.

For more details, contact Suzanne Gallo at