A Focus on Risks - New Horizons Foundation Releases New White Paper

Document titled The Changing Risk Environment aims to assist contractors in addressing crucial known and developing risk challenges in various areas, including shortened construction schedules, inadequate design, talent acquisition, contracts, and more.

The New Horizons Foundation has released a new white paper titled The Changing Risk Environment. This document, prepared in collaboration with FMI, is designed to assist contractors in better understanding some of the challenges they can encounter during various stages of work on a project. Some of the topics that are examined include how contractors can deal with projects that have unrealistically short schedules, the struggle to compete for construction talent, how to address supply chain disruptions, work within the confines of poorly written contracts, and how to forecast other risks that may not be fully understood.

The Changing Risk Environment uses strategic vision and basic tactics to help contractors meet these challenges head-on and succeed in the ever-changing construction environment. Take a moment to read this new white paper from the New Horizons Foundation. Comments or questions please contact Tom Soles, Executive Director, New Horizons Foundation, tsoles@newhorizonsfoundation.org, (703) 402-7395.