Be Prepared: Attend CBO

The Collective Bargaining Orientation will empower you with multiple critical lessons.

By attending the Collective Bargaining Orientation, you will ensure that you have the utmost confidence and knowledge to effectively enter your next contract negotiation by learning these expert lessons:

  • Collective bargaining concepts, techniques, and strategies
  •  Effective preparation skills for bargaining sessions
  • Familiarity with the costs, benchmarking, and analytics of CBA negotiations
  • How to avoid and prepare for impasses and work stoppages
  • The latest COVID-19 vaccine guidance
  • Updates and changes in the Standard Form of Union Agreement

This program will enable you and the members of your chapter to have the expert tips, advice, and insights that are necessary to have a positive impact at the bargaining table.

New Reduced Registration Fee: $175

Register today by clicking here: SMACNA Collective Bargaining Orientation | SMACNA.