BE4ALL Calendar on Its Way to Contractors

Dates and detailed descriptions of various holidays and observances included in new offering from joint initiative from SMACNA and SMART.

A new 2023 BE4ALL calendar is on its way to contractors across the country. This calendar is designed to help educate contractors and workers about several key holidays and observances celebrated throughout the industry by a diverse group of people. In addition to the calendar showing the date of a particular observance, there is a description that explains the significance of that special event.

BE4ALL calendars should be arriving shortly, and you are encouraged to place them in a well-trafficked area where a maximum number of employees can view them. We hope the calendar serves as an opportunity for everyone to learn more about traditions observed by coworkers and customers. We are hopeful it will also serve to facilitate deeper discussions between employees about their backgrounds and beliefs. 

Also, in addition to the physical calendar, a digital version can be accessed using the adjacent QR code. This digital version is fully interactive and conveys the same information as the printed edition.

PDF version of the calendar is also available if you wish to download your own copy and print it yourself. If you have any questions regarding the calendar, please email Jen Squirewell.