BE4ALL Toolbox Talk #2- Effective Communication

Second workplace initiative looks to reduce workplace conflict by removing barriers to effective communication and promoting open dialogue between coworkers.

BE4ALL is launching the second in a series of Toolbox Talks to reduce tension in the workplace and create an environment of belonging where workers feel they can be both safe and productive. The second Toolbox Talk aims to reduce workplace through promoting effective communication.

Effective communication is a learned skill, just like anything in our business, and it takes practice.  Sometimes that means getting it wrong and learning from our mistakes.  However, it can be hard to receive criticism while we’re learning anything, just as it can be difficult to give constructive criticism to others.

Please take a moment to deliver this Toolbox Talk to employees in your shop. We are asking that that while this discussion is occurring, please feel free to take photos and video during the Toolbox Talk and share with the hashtag #BE4ALL.

Please take a moment to review the bargaining and nonbargaining version of the Toolbox Talks.