Biden Administration Launches Tools to Promote Equity in Federal Procurement

Resources will assist federal entities to find private sector partners new to the federal sector and track stated equity goals.

The White House and the General Services Administration are launching tools to promote equity throughout the federal sector.

The first resource, the Government-wide Procurement Equity Tool, uses information from several government databases on Small Disadvantaged Businesses through appropriate market research.

The Supplier Base Dashboard keeps track of the total number of firms that have done business with the federal government and provides information on various factors, including size and socio-economic status, along with what market sectors potential contractors occupy.

These tools are part of an executive order signed by President Joe Biden ordering the federal government to advance racial equity and support underserved minorities. As part of this effort, the Biden Administration set a federal contract spending goal for small disadvantaged businesses of 15% by 2025. 

No matter what changes may be implemented, existing procurement rules, including prevailing wage requirements, will remain in effect.