CLRC Releases Contractor’s Cost Conundrum Report

New data outlines economic and manpower challenges being faced by contractors

The Construction Labor Research Council (CLRC) is preparing to publish a new report, the Contractor’s Cost Conundrum. This document explains the challenging economic and staffing challenges facing contractors. The report, customized to your location, compares the cost of living (CPI) to the substantial increases in the commodities (materials) purchased by contractors. Those increases dwarf the CPI, showing one big challenge faced by contractors. The report goes on to clearly explain another lesser known but critical difficulty, variability. It shows the extreme variability over time (which means unpredictability) in the cost of construction commodities, spending on construction, and even employment, all of which make planning very difficult.

The report can be helpful in collective bargaining situations and supports associations and contractors by showing that the recent high CPI numbers are just one part of a larger story with many challenges for contractors. It is also helpful to better understand some vital economic factors critical to running a company. The cost of a customized report is $750 for members of SMACNA.

Contact Carey Peters, Executive Director at CLRC (865-414-2678) for more information on how to get your copy of the report.