Department of Labor Launches Initiative to Reduce and Prevent Workplace Falls

National Emphasis Program will seek to bring heightened awareness to the leading cause of fatal workplace injuries.

The Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has begun a National Emphasis Program to prevent falls, the leading cause of fatal workplace injuries and the violation the agency cites most frequently in construction industry inspections.

The emphasis program will focus on reducing fall-related injuries and fatalities for people working at heights in all industries. The targeted enforcement program is based on historical Bureau of Labor Statistics data and OSHA enforcement history. BLS data shows that of the 5,190 fatal workplace injuries in 2021, 680 were associated with falls from elevations, about 13 percent of all deaths.

The program establishes guidance for locating and inspecting fall hazards. It allows OSHA compliance safety and health officers to open inspections whenever they observe someone working at heights. An outreach component of the program will focus on educating employers about effective ways to keep their workers safe. 

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