Federated Offering Complimentary May 16th Webinar on Cyber Security

“Cyber Security is Everyone’s Business” will help attendees learn more about the threat environment and understand best practices to raise a contractor’s readiness level personally and professionally.

On May 16th, SMACNA Premier Partner Federated Insurance is offering a free webinar titled “Cyber Security is Everyone’s Business.” This webinar is designed to help businesses create a cyber-aware culture with employees that understand their respective roles and responsibilities in keeping the organization and themselves cyber-safe. Attendees will learn more about the threat environment that faces them and expand upon some of the best practices that will raise a business’ readiness level. 

Joanna Huisman, SVP-Security Insights and Strategy at KnowBe4, will outline several of these topics and give her analysis of what strategies cyber adversaries are using to compromise your networks. 

Click here to learn more about the webinar and to register.