Financial Boot Camp Helps Owners Develop New Skills

Attendees of the recently held SMACNA program used real-life scenarios to learn how to adjust operations to better suit economic conditions and ensure long-term success.

Over 20 participants attended the 2022 edition of SMACNA's Financial Boot Camp in Tempe, Arizona. The program equipped participants with the tools needed to evaluate, maintain and improve the financial health of their businesses.

Participants were taught several vital skills during the program, including interpreting financial statements to understand strengths and potential vulnerabilities, working with credit, developing forecasting methods such as cash flow projections, and developing a better grasp on equipment acquisition.

Using a variety of case studies, participants understood best practices through exercises designed to model real-life financial challenges that owners could face while running their businesses. John Murdough, CPA with Henry + Horne, was the program instructor. Murdough, who has published works on maintaining a profitable construction business, is regarded as one of the top experts on managing a construction business successfully. He worked with the owners in attendance to better understand the business landscape and how it would potentially impact their decision-making process in managing their company's day-to-day and strategic aspects.

The 2023 edition of SMACNA's Financial Boot Camp is scheduled for May 22-24, 2023, in Tempe, Arizona. For more details, contact Shelly Dixon at