Kojo is SMACNA’s Newest Silver Associate Member

Chief Executive Officer, Maria Rioumine spoke with SMACNA about how this new relationship will benefit SMACNA members.

SMACNA is proud to announce that construction software company Kojo has signed on as the newest Silver Associate Member, and their Chief Executive Officer, Maria Rioumine recently spoke with SMACNA about this new relationship and how it will benefit SMACNA members.

“SMACNA has pioneered excellence in the industry through creating and sharing best practices. This is similar to what Kojo is doing for materials management via our software,” said Rioumine.

Rioumine went on to state, “Kojo’s easy-to-use software will allow SMACNA member-contractors to reap multiple benefits like reducing manual data entry, streamlining communications, accurately tracking deliveries, and automating the AP reconciliation process.”

SMACNA members interested in learning more about Kojo can visit www.usekojo.com or contact Community Manager, Kimberly Rucker at Kim@usekojo.com.