Ventilation Verification Presents New Opportunities to Contractors

Incorporating Ventilation Verification Services into the service offerings provides both opportunity for business directly connected to building owners and operators.


Throughout the next few months, SMACNA will highlight the opportunity presented to contractors by all the attention, focus and funding available to improve indoor air quality in schools and buildings. One critical piece of this puzzle is Ventilation Verification.

A Ventilation Verification inspection, conducted by a trained and certified HVAC or Testing, Adjusting & Balancing (TAB) technician, gives building owners and operators needed insight into how their current HVAC system(s) are performing. The assessment and resulting report informs the customer on next steps that can include recommendations for adjustments, repairs, upgrades, or outright equipment replacement.

The business opportunities for Ventilation Verification are numerous. There are over 36,000 school buildings in the United States that are in need of repairs and/or HVAC system replacements to their existing HVAC infrastructure. This effort is not limited to school buildings alone; as commercial buildings are also looking to improve indoor air quality as a selling point to potential tenants. During a recent White House summit, officials outlined the opportunities and the need to improve ventilation across schools and businesses.  

To add Ventilation Verification services to your business is easy. First send people to a 45 minute Ventilation Verification online training course that ITI and NEMI have provided. Then, visit your company profile on SMACNA’s website (through the login portal) and check the box that you are offering Ventilation Verification Services; and lastly, visit your personal profile or have the people that took the training visit their profiles, and check the box for Ventilation Verification Awareness Training. When checking this box on your personal profile, you will be listed as the point of contact for questions on this topic.

If you haven’t seen the SMACNA and NEMI/NEMEC Ventilation Verification Opportunities webinar watch it now and learn how you can take advantage of all the funding opportunities available to upgrade HVAC systems in schools and other businesses. For questions, please contact Jeff Henriksen at