Leveraging Ventilation Verification To Grow Your Business

Expanding service offerings to include ventilation verification will enable your business to establish long lasting business relationships with building owners and operators.


Improving indoor air quality through a ventilation verification is an emerging business line for HVAC contractors. Building owners in the private and public sectors are under increasing pressure to ensure that the air their occupants breathe is safe and free of pathogens. Ventilation verification is an important service that SMACNA member contractors can leverage to meet these evolving demands.

If your company provides HVAC services to customers, you should already have qualified people on your team to conduct a ventilation verification.

If you are considering adding ventilation verification service to your business, there are several straightforward and simple steps that you can take to begin to get it off the ground:

a. Identify the people you want involved with this new service and have them take a 45-minute online ventilation verification awareness course. Be sure to include those technician (s) that will visit customers and the person that will answer inquiries in the office.

b. Update your SMACNA company profile by visiting the “MY COMPANY” tab and checking the Ventilation Verification Services a box that you now offer this service (you can edit the page by clicking on the pencil icon).

c. Update your personal profile under the ABOUT ME tab at SMACNA.org (same for any employees taking the awareness course) once you take the awareness course. Just Check the box that says you have received training.

  • All the updates will appear on SMACNA’s industry awareness site for building owners and operators. And people that take the industry awareness course will be listed as points of contact for customer inquiries. The data will also be shared with NEMIC for their customer-facing website. Both organizations will be this sharing data. 
  • Forward the required documentation to NEMIC to indicate course completion.
  • Once people are trained, you can add additional training for those needing certification.

A benefit for SMACNA contractors is that you will build a direct, long-lasting relationship with the customer by offering this service. This translates into providing periodic service appointments and further down the line, it can lead to more business opportunities including TAB, repair, and replacement services. Ventilation Verification is a simple service that can build long-term business relationships directly with building owners and operators.