New Data Shows that Quality of Mask Goes a Long Way in Preventing Spread of COVID-19

A report from the Wall Street Journal shows that a properly fitted N95 remains one of the best defenses against spreading COVID-19 in any setting.

In a recent report published by the Wall Street Journal, doctors assert that a properly fitted N95 mask will be one of your best defenses against infection by COVID-19. The physicians surveyed for the article also believe that individuals should move away from the cloth masks that are still prevalent two years after the pandemic. However, experts caution that swapping out an N95 for a cloth mask is only the first step. Data has shown that a properly fitted N95 mask is 75 times more effective than alternative face coverings in stopping the spread of the virus. In fact, by wearing such a mask, transmission risk in a close contact scenario was reduced to nearly 1 percent to a point where it would take 2500 hours of sustained close contact interaction to contract COVID.

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