New Horizons Foundation White Paper on Effective Project Close-Out

This paper offers a nine-step process to benchmark and possibly improve your company’s close-out process.

Project close-out in the construction industry is a challenge for many reasons. This new white paper from SMACNA’S New Horizons Foundation identifies different project close-out factors and offers successful practices and steps to improve the process.

In-depth interviews were conducted with sheet metal and mechanical contractors, and recommendations are presented for both types of organizations. A quick infographic is included to help guide your company through the following:

  • Effective Close-out Strategies
  • Close-out Success Measures
  • Delay Factors
  • Communication Strategies

As one organization noted, “This might sound silly, but the more communication, the better. As long as everyone is on the same page and stays on the same page, it typically will run better.”

Download the white paper.

Questions and comments, please contact Tom Soles, NHF Executive Director