New Online Resource to Help Companies Improve Safety Climate

CPWR’s new tools are the result of industry surveys about safety practices in the construction field.

CPWR-The Center for Construction Research and Training worked closely with many construction stakeholders to develop two online surveys that companies can use, at no cost, to assess their jobsite safety climate. The Safety Climate Assessment Tool (S-CAT) measures a company’s safety climate maturity from inattentive to exemplary across eight indicators. The Safety Climate Assessment Tool for Small Contractors (S-CATsc) measures the same indicators but is more of a needs assessment.

Creating the S-CAT and S-CATsc was an essential first step in raising the industry’s awareness of the critical link between a strong safety climate and better safety outcomes. However, the safety climate scores alone do not guide specific safety management tools companies can use to strengthen the safety climate indicators.

To overcome these limitations, in 2019, CPWR began building on its’ initial safety climate assessment work to develop a new interactive online tool called the Safety Climate-Safety Management Information System (SC-SMIS). This new system would give construction companies of any size the ability to: (1) assess their safety climate maturity across eight leading indicators using the reliable and valid Safety Climate Assessment Tool (S-CAT) or conduct a needs assessment using the Safety Climate Assessment Tool for Small Contractors (S-CATsc) (2) access a large repository and choose evidence-informed safety management resources to target low-scoring indicators; 3) develop a plan to put the resources into action; and 4) schedule reminders to engage in on-going continuous safety climate and safety management system improvement.

Please take a moment to learn more about these tools and their applications for your business.