New Wave of Federal Construction Projects on the Horizon

Increasing appropriations toward new civilian and military projects offer new opportunities for contractors.

As the United States Congress heads toward recess, completing the funding bills for several important projects for the upcoming 2023 Fiscal Year is paramount. At this time, 6 out of the 12 funding bills contain appropriations for federal agencies and their policy priorities. Several of these items include funding for significant civilian and military construction projects.

In terms of military construction, there are several high-priority projects of note, including funding that will address new requirements for housing for servicemembers and their families. The new bills will authorize over $15 billion for construction in FY23, a double-digit increase compared to previous years’ funding levels. With housing needs within the military evolving as the force continues to change, there will be ripe project opportunities. In addition, several military infrastructure projects will be accelerated, including work on facilities that service nuclear-powered aircraft carriers and submarines.

Besides the military priorities, the funding program outlined several high-profile civilian priorities that the General Services Administration will manage, including $84 million worth of renovation work for the James A. Byrne Federal Courthouse in Philadelphia, the consolidation of the Department of Homeland Security’s headquarters functions at the St. Elizabeth’s Hospital site in Washington, and beginning work on a new FBI headquarters in the National Capital Region.

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