Occupational Wellness Front and Center at SMOHIT Safety Champions Conference

Event brought together representatives from SMACNA and SMART to discuss how to build a robust culture of safety.

SMACNA’s Jason Crandol addresses Safety Champion Conference Attendees.

Representatives from SMACNA and SMART came together for the latest edition of the SMOHIT Safety Champions Conference. The focus of this event was to improve worker wellness and provide contractors and labor leaders with a better understanding of emerging best practices and safety strategies.

Al LaBella, SMACNA President, helped open the Conference. During his opening remarks, LaBella commented that “The knowledge that union members and contractors glean from this event is essential in succeeding in our core mission – ensuring that our workers get home to their families safely.”

Several additional speakers were highlighted throughout the event, including Joseph Sellers, SMART General President, Scott Ketchum, OSHA Director, Ben Cort from Cort Consulting, Chris Carlough, Coordinator for the SMART MAP program, Rick Di loli from Superior Duct Fabrication, and Jason Galoozis from Reedy Industries.

In addition, several individuals and companies were recognized as 2021 Safety Matters Award Winners, including SMACNA member Liebold, Inc. from Pottsville, Pennsylvania.

Justin Crandol, SMACNA’s Director of Safety, who was responsible for helping put together the program, called the conference “a great place for everyone to share ideas and work together cooperatively towards a mutual goal – a safer workplace.”

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