Partners In Progress Offers Tools to Educate Owners and Workers

Logos, Posters and other materials illustrate value of labor/owner partnership

The mission of SMACNA/SMART Best Practices Market Expansion Task Force is to identify, promote, and communicate industry best practices, to the local level, that create a cooperative environment where local labor and management collaborate to implement practices to grow market share, thereby increasing work opportunities and memberships. SMACNA and SMART use the Task Force as a framework to innovate and share new solutions on the common issues facing both parties. The SMACNA/SMART Partners in Progress website has several tools at its disposal to educate stakeholders on the value of a strong labor/owner partnership. 

One of these programs is the Expertise branding program, an initiative that is designed to show that a SMACNA contractor or SMART local, training center or labor-management cooperation trust can be counted on as an expert in the HVAC field. Expertise logos are free to use with a licensing agreement. Available to be used in several applications such as apparel and signage, Expertise logos are meant to give customers the knowledge that they are working with the best that the HVAC field has to offer. 

The Expertise program has a series of external (login required) and internal (login required)facing advertisements that can be used to promote your organization’s standing as a skilled actor in the HVAC industry and promote the value of the SMACNA/SMART partnership.   These advertisements may be viewed by logging in to your Partners in Progress account.