Poynter Sheet Metal is SNIPS Contractor of the Year

Led by SMACNA past president Joseph Lansdell, Poynter Sheet Metal has doubled their sales since 2014, and is on a mission to continue diversifying and growing their revenue.

Once again, a SMACNA member has captured the top industry honor of being named SNIPS Contractor of the Year. For Indiana based, Poynter Sheet Metal this recognition is well deserved, as the company has seen its sales double to $100 million since 2014.

President Joesph Lansdell attributes this success and company growth to technology. This includes purchasing new sheet metal machinery, and also making sure that the entire Poynter Sheet Metal staff is utilizing webapps to maintain efficiency and productivity.

This increased focus on efficiency and productivity has helped Poynter Sheet Metal keep their layers of management thin while incrementally adding new workers to their overall labor force.

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