Read the 2023 Annual Labor Report

Document summarizes data garnered from chapters who responded to SMACNA’s Industry Labor Survey. Information includes man-hour projections, local pension plan status, as well as the state of local relations.

SMACNA’s 2023 Annual Industry Labor Report is now available for all members to view. 

The report includes data from 33 local areas and finds that there was a 6.43% decrease in work-hours reported. The Southern Region saw the largest percentage of increased hours reported, followed by a similar increase in the Midwest Region. The East and West regions both saw a decline in work-hours reported.

Overall work-hours are predicted to decrease an average of 0.39% in 2023. Almost 40% of responding areas are projecting an increase of work-hours for 2023. Of the remaining chapters, 30% of areas are projecting stable work-hours and 30% are projecting a decline in work-hours. 

While the Southern Region is projecting a 4.43% increase of work-hours, the Midwest Region is projecting stable work-hours and the West and Northeast Regions are both projecting declines. The largest projected decline is in the Western Region, with a projected 4.52% decrease in work-hours, followed by the Northeast with a 1.35% decline in work-hours.

To learn more about these and other findings, or to request a copy of the report, please contact Caroline McGraw at