Toolbox Talk #1: On Being A Good Crewmate

Toolbox Talk – On Being a Good Crewmate, designed to help increase productivity, reduce bullying and discrimination, and build a strong work culture throughout the industry.

As part of the BE4ALL Initiative, we continue to urge members to participate in the first-ever BE4ALL Toolbox Talk – On Being a Good Crewmate.

There are two versions available:

How can SMACNA members engage in the Toolbox Talk?

  • Read the Toolbox Talk at your next staff or chapter meeting.
  • Chapter executives, please encourage your contractors to use this toolbox talk with not only their bargaining staff employees but also the non-bargaining workforce.
  • Contractors, please distribute the Toolbox Talk to your superintendents and forepersons, ask them to give the Toolbox Talk at all your jobsites, and follow up to ensure it was done.
  • Incorporate the Toolbox Talk into your company newsletter with an endorsement from the company president or CEO and/or send it as an all-company email.
  • Take photographs of the Toolbox Talk being given and send them to
  • Complete a survey to provide feedback on the BE4ALL Toolbox Talks, so we can ensure that future Toolbox Talks are effective and meet your needs.

New BE4ALL Toolbox Talks are scheduled to be released every other month with the expectation that these Toolbox Talks will ensure increased worker productivity; reduce bullying, harassment, hazing, and discrimination on jobsites; and improve work culture to ensure we can attract and retain the best and most qualified workforce. BE4ALL is about creating a culture of excellence, fostering welcoming work environments, and keeping our skilled workforce.

Ongoing support of these Toolbox Talks ensures that the entire unionized sheet metal industry has one consistent message - from our training centers to our job sites and in the union halls. It will demonstrate why owners and general contractors should pick you, our contractors, over the competition.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with Joye Blanscett,  (703) 803-2997.