Roles for Women in Trades Expanding

This week, SMACNA is highlighting female leaders, showing how their contributions are making our industry stronger. 

This week (March 6th to the 12th) is Women in Construction Week. This event is designed to highlight the growing role women are taking in the construction field, whether working on a job site or leading a team from a board room.

SMACNA has been a leading voice in empowering women in the air conditioning and sheet metal industries. Former SMACNA National President Angie Simon spoke to the membership of The National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) on March 8th, coinciding with International Women’s Day. During her remarks, Simon talked about her experience as a trailblazing CEO in the construction field.

SMACNA’s commitment to increasing the role of women in the trades was apparent during the recent Partners in Progress event in Las Vegas. During the conference, Julie Muller, Executive Director for SMACNA Western Washington, talked about the ever-growing need to build a more inclusive workplace that harnessed the talents of everyone. 

Throughout the remainder of the week, SMACNA will highlight female leaders and show how their contributions are making our industry stronger.

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