SMACNA and Partners Launch BE 4 ALL Initiative

Joint effort aims to positively impact the industry’s work culture in a manner that promotes diversity and inclusion.

In December of last year, SMART, SMACNA, and the International Training Institute (ITI) launched the Belonging and Excellence for All Campaign (BE 4 ALL).  After meeting with our BE 4 All committee monthly since December and meeting jointly with SMART’s committee and ITI representatives, we are ready to formally introduce the program. 

The BE 4 ALL initiative is a bold, long-term effort undertaken to impact the industry’s work culture so that SMACNA contractors can attract and retain the best and most skilled workforce possible regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or nationality.  This initiative will help SMACNA, and our members meet the real-world demand for the best, and most qualified workforce available for our industry, without quotas or other arbitrary demands on companies. 

We know that many of you have questions about this work.  So, SMACNA has put together a BE 4 All webpage that outlines the initiative’s purpose, goals, and vision. The BE 4 ALL page also shares answers to some frequently asked questions about the effort.  As the initiative grows into more action-oriented steps, we will use the BE 4 ALL page to provide valuable insight, resources, and best practices around belonging and excellence for all.    

Contractors, members, and chapters, we welcome you to join SMACNA national in this important effort.  Please check out the SMACNA BE 4 ALL page for additional information.