Joint effort aims to positively impact the industry’s work culture in a manner that promotes diversity and inclusion.

SMART, SMACNA, and the International Training Institute (ITI) have collaborated on the Belonging and Excellence for All Campaign (BE 4 ALL), a bold, long-term effort meant to positively impact the industry’s work culture. This program is the end result of ongoing collaboration between all relevant stakeholders.

Now, SMACNA has launched a BE 4 ALL webpage that outlines the program's overall purpose, goals, and vision. This page will also feature some frequently asked questions regarding this joint effort.  As the initiative grows into more action-oriented steps, we will use the BE 4 ALL page to provide valuable insight, resources, and best practices around belonging and excellence for all.    

SMACNA hopes that the BE 4 ALL initiative will aid member contractors in attracting and retaining a highly skilled workforce regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or nationality.