SMACNA Announces 2022 Safety Excellence Award Program Winners

Program seeks to recognize outstanding performance in occupational safety and health.

2021 SMACNA Safety Winners  

Every year, SMACNA congratulates its members for their outstanding performance in occupational safety and health through SMACNA’s Safety Excellence Award Program (SSEAP). 2022 represented another banner year as the latest safety survey results show that safety and health continue to be a high priority for SMACNA contractors.

SMACNA is proud to acknowledge the 2022 SSEAP winners and to salute the top chapters with the highest level of survey participants. For the SSEAP, member winners are determined by man-hour categories and OSHA incidence rates. The Canadian SSEAP awards an overall first place winner and two honorable mention winners based on statistics particular to Canadian safety programs. 

First-place winners will be presented with their trophies at the SMACNA Annual Convention in Colorado Springs.  Second place, third place, and honorable mention winners will receive their trophies in the mail this summer. 

The 2022 safety award winners are:

Over 500,000 hours

  1. A. Zahner Co. - Kansas City, MO
  2. Harder Mechanical – Portland, OR
  3. J.M. Brennan Inc. - Wilwaukee, WI

400,001-500,000 hours

  1. Standard Mechanical Inc. – Arvada, CO
  2. Streimer – Portland, OR
  3. Martin Petersen Company, Inc. – Kenosha, WI

300,001-400,000 hours

  1. Berwald Roofing - St Paul, MN
  2. Hurckman Mechanical industries, Inc. - Green Bay, WI
  3. Midwest Mechanical – Lombard, IL

200,001-300,000 hours

  1. Air Systems Service & Construction - Sacramento, CA
  2. Westside Mechanical Group – Naperville, IL
  3. All Temperature Service Air Conditioning Inc - San Jose, CA

100,001-200,000 hours

  1. H.M. White – Detroit, MI
  2. Broadway Mechanical Contractors – Oakland, CA
  3. C.A.Q.S. – Hawthorne, NY

50,001-100,000 hours

  1. CT Mechanical, LLC – Addison, IL
  2. Allison Mechanical, Inc. – Redlands, CA
  3. Mechanical Concepts, Inc – Gary, IN

25,001-50,000 hours

  2. Hanset Metal Fabricators – Portland, OR
  3. Artlip and Sons, Inc. - Aurora, IL

1-25,000 hours

  1. Air Systems Balancing and Testing – Rochester, NY
  2. Ohio Fabricators, Inc. – Akron, OH
  3. Scott & From Co., Inc. – Tacoma, WA

Chapter Participation Awards

First Place - SMACNA Oregon & SW Washington
Second Place – SMCA of Philadelphia and Vicinity
Third Place - Georgia SMACNA
Honorable Mention – SMACNA Western Washington

Canada SSEAP Winner

Modern Niagara – Toronto, Ontario

Zero Injury Award

A zero OSHA incidence rate is an exceptional accomplishment indicating a firm has a solid safety culture.

Seventy-four contractors reported Zero incidents and received a Zero-injury award based on those efforts and are listed below.