SMACNA Announces Promotions for Two Key Staff Members

New roles will enable the organization to pivot to meet evolving needs and better serve member contractors.

On May 2nd, SMACNA announced new roles for two of its employees. Joye Blanscett, formally Director of Labor Services & Human Resources Management, was named the new Executive Director of Operations. Within her new portfolio, Joye will be responsible for overseeing SMACNA’s membership functions, human resources, accounting, and information technology infrastructure.

In addition to this, Jen Squirewell was elevated to Manager of Chapter Relations, where she will be working on several initiatives, including BE 4 ALL, and supervising several of SMACNA’s flagship meetings, including the Council of Chapter Representatives. 

In talking about her new role with SMACNA, Blanscett said, “I look forward to working closely with an even larger group of contractors and helping SMACNA meet our members’ needs in my new role.”

In reflecting on her new role, Squirewell said, “My new position will allow me to connect with our membership and add value to SMACNA. I am both excited and grateful for this opportunity.”

In discussing the promotions, SMACNA CEO Aaron Hilger outlined how Blanscett and Squirewell’s new roles will assist the Chantilly office in better serving the organization’s membership. “I am excited that SMACNA can create these new roles for Joye and Jen. They will be integral in advancing key projects and creating a great member experience.”