SMACNA Collaborates on Updated Tool Rental Guide

SMACNA joins with MCAA and NECA in publishing guidance designed to help business owners understand the costs associated with the tools employed by construction professionals.

Construction tools are some of the most vital assets to any contractor’s business. They are also often one of a business owner’s largest expenditures in terms of financial resources. Especially considering the supply chain difficulties that many firms are experiencing, having first-hand knowledge of how equipment is priced is more critical than ever. To that end, SMACNA partnered with the Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA) the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) to produce the 2021-2022 Tool and Equipment Rental Guide.

This over 200-page document was written so that members can remain competitive even in this unstable economic climate. This is especially important considering the dramatic price shifts for these items over the past year. Discussing the value of the Guide, SMACNA CEO Aaron Hilger said, “Having reliable and comprehensive tool pricing data enables our contractors to provide their clients with accurate and reliable bids. This multi-trade research supports our members and provides signatory contractors with the information they need to provide the highest standards of quality and service in the construction industry.” Members can log in to the SMACNA website and visit the SMACNA Bookstore to download the PDF for free, and they can also access the free online tool at

Click here to download the Tool Rental Guide (free for SMACNA members), and click here to use the free online tool (SMACNA login required).