SMACNA Convention Interview: Matt Hildreth

Matt Hildreth, Construction Division Manager for The Waldinger Corporation talks to Jeff Hendriksen, SMACNA’s Executive Director for Communications and Marketing on a variety of topics. Matt and Jeff discuss not only how their business has persevered through the pandemic, but also how is company is working to make professional development a top priority.

SMACNA Executive Director, Communications and Marketing Jeff Henriksen sits down with new SMACNA board member Matt Hildreth, Construction Division Manager for the Waldinger Corporation, during the recent SMACNA Convention in Maui, Hawaii. Matt talks to Jeff about the ebbs and flows during the pandemic, especially when working on projects centering on local hospitals. With the upcoming uptick in work resulting from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, Matt goes over what steps his firm will be taking to be ready to handle the anticipated surge in business. He also talks about the value of workforce development and employee retention and how some of his own experiences help pave the way for how his firm manages its employees. Finally, Matt outlines his priorities as he joins the SMACNA board.