SMACNA Premier Partner Video: Johns Manville

Johns Manville is one of SMACNA’s Premier Partners and Cassie Todtenhagen explains why it was so important to connect with SMACNA contractors, solve problems together to continue to advance the industry, then everyone wins together.

As product manager, Cassie refers to herself as the connective tissue that connects plant, customers and sales and technical teams. Having grown up in a trades family, Cassie thinks being a woman in HVAC and the trades is wonderful, saying “Every time I am at a SMACNA event, my opinions are respected, I am listened to and never talked over. People appreciate my ideas.”

Cassie mentioned that in the trade, we are a million workers short, so anything Johns Manville is looking at from an innovation perspective, they are looking to make processes more efficient and effective. There is so much value we get out this partnership, it really goes both ways, she added.