SMACNA President: “The chance to help our students could be vanishing into thin air”

Tony Kocurek discusses the importance of governments at all levels investing in HVAC and IAQ projects.  

Tony Kocurek

SMACNA has been closely following legislation around the United States focusing on indoor air quality improvements. In SMACNA President Tony Kocurek’s home state of New Mexico, legislators introduced “The Public School Ventilation Act,” which would have required trained and certified technicians to inspect each public school building’s HVAC and ventilation system. As part of the report, the technician would recommend any corrective action for the district to undertake to meet health and safety standards. 

Unfortunately, the bill did not pass in its current iteration, but lawmakers are moving forward to investigate this important issue.  

Tony writes in Albuquerque Business First about the missed opportunity New Mexico had in establishing safer, cleaner air in schools and the proactive steps SMACNA is taking to educate its members, lawmakers, businesses and citizens on indoor air quality and identify funding opportunities to help improve the indoor air we all breathe. You can read the full article here.