SMACNA Requests Your Leadership & Service

There are currently 20 open volunteer opportunities available for members to join a SMACNA Committee or Task Force.

Answer SMACNA’s annual call to service by applying today to become a member of one of SMACNA’s important Committees or Task Forces.

This is the perfect opportunity for you to make your mark by joining a select group of leaders that help SMACNA maintain its current high standards of excellence while adding your voice to help shape the future of your sector and benefit the sheet metal industry as a whole.

Put your years of industry experience, business acumen, technical expertise, and opinions to the best use possible by applying for one of the 20 open volunteer opportunities available for members. Please visit the Volunteer Opportunity page on SMACNA Connect for more information and submit your application.

Current available opportunities include:

Architectural Sheet Metal Council Steering Committee (2 openings)
Industrial Contractors Council Steering Committee (2 openings)
National Residential Contractors Council Steering Committee (2 openings)
Technical Resources Committee (3 openings)
Women in Construction Leadership Council (3 openings)

NEMI/NEMIC International Certification Board (1 opening)
SFUA Article X Panelists (3 openings)
SMACNA/SMART Best Practices Market Expansion Task Force (1 opening)

SMACNA Testing & Research Institute Board of Directors (3 openings)

Please visit the SMACNA Volunteer page to learn more about our Committees and Task Forces.

Log in to your SMACNA account and view all currently available opportunities.