SMACNA & SMART Collaborate to Help Disadvantaged Students

Attendees at 2022 Partners in Progress Conference work to raise money for Nevada-based Project 150 which aims to provide needed services to homeless high school students.

The chosen charity for the 2022 Partners in Progress Conference was Project150, an organization created out of the community’s desire to help homeless high school students. At the core of Project 150s mission is the goal of providing support and services to this group of disadvantaged youth. Project 150 hopes to equip vulnerable students with the tools and resources needed to continue school and be successful in life.

SMACNA and SMART local unions stepped up in a big way. Kelli Kristo, the Executive Director of Project150, thanked the entire SMART-SMACNA family “for the generous donation of funds and goods.” Kristo continued, “Your contribution of $25,425 in funding and $8,300 in food provided 1349 family meal bags, including family-sized non-perishable breakfast, lunch, AND dinner items to feed a family of four.”

Project150 wishes to convey its thanks to the following organizations and individuals who donated cash:

Donations of goods made by the below organizations and Individuals were also appreciated:

Food donations were received by Project150 following the conference and amounted to more than 3 pallets of food. 

SMACNA would like to thank everyone involved for their generous donations.