SMACNA Submits Comments to OSHA on Proposed Revisions

Updates seek to improve tracking of workplace injuries and illnesses.

SMACNA submitted comments to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regarding proposed changes to rules governing how certain employers submit occupational injury and illness information. Under the terms of the proposed revision, companies with 100 or more employees that work in specific sectors will be required to submit information electronically from OSHA forms 300, 301, and 300A to OSHA once a year.

In a letter to Assistant Secretary Doug Parker, SMACNA posed a series of questions to be considered by OSHA during the final portion of the rulemaking process. SMACNA’s comments looked for clarification on data collection, possible data utilization, and any possible negative consequences of OSHA aggregating the data. OSHA is reviewing all submitted comments from various stakeholders before revealing its final decision sometime later this year.

In discussing the proposed revision, SMACNA CEO Aaron Hilger said that “Engaging in this process is critical for SMACNA for it enables us to work with federal stakeholders to promote the shared goal of a safer workplace while also ensuring that our member contractors continue to have a seat at the table.”