SMACNA Technical Department to run two education sessions at upcoming AHR Expo

Panels during February 6-8 event will focus on SMACNA’s Guyed Steel Stacks Construction Guide and HVAC Ductwork Live Load & Tie-Rod Applications.

SMACNA's Technical Services Department will hold a pair of educational sessions at the upcoming AHR Expo in Atlanta, GA, from February 6-8, 2023. Both sessions will occur on February 6th and be led by members of the Technical Services team. 

 From 9 AM-10 AM, Senior Project Manager Scott Barr will lead a session titled "How to use SMACNA's Guyed Steel Stacks Construction Guide." This program, aimed at contractors, specifying engineers, fabricators, procurement specialists, and project managers, will provide attendees with the know-how to assess the constraints of the guyed stack model to select the listed stack materials of construction properly.

 The following aspects of consideration will be discussed in detail:

  • Fabrication rules/details, specify guy cables
  • Different rings (flanges) sizes and placement
  • Required rules for stack breeching reinforcement
  • Required loads for foundation design

Then, from 10:30-11:30, Senior Project Managers Pat Brooks and Shawn Ohara will hold a session titled "SMACNA HVAC Ductwork Live Load & Tie-Rod Applications" This program will explain how ducts located outdoors are exposed to "live loads" that interior ductwork is not subjected to, including wind, snow, and ice. SMACNA will show how to quantify these live loads allowing for conforming construction/fabrication of the exterior ductwork. The when/how/why of the use of tie rods for internal reinforcement of ductwork will also be presented. This will cover the acceptable types of tie rods, allowable loads, and proper usage in rectangular, double-wall, and flat oval ductwork.

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