SMACNA Welcomes New Gold Associate Member

Felicia Pancratz, Partner Manager at ServiceTitan spoke with SMACNA about this exciting new partnership and how they can help SMACNA members.

SMACNA is proud to announce that ServiceTitan has signed on as the newest Gold Associate Member. ServiceTitan is an all-in-one software designed to help commercial and residential services businesses seamlessly connect technicians, office staff, and customers in one place.

“We are excited about this new partnership with SMACNA. ServiceTitan can provide direct resources to help SMACNA member companies grow revenue, improve efficiencies, provide an exceptional customer experience, and offer invaluable insights through data,” said Felicia Pancratz, Partner Manager at ServiceTitan.

Pancratz went on to state, “We’re really looking forward to assisting SMACNA contractors with implementing better workflows for maximum efficiency so they can keep every project on schedule and budget, get invoices out of the door faster, and most importantly, get paid on time and improve cash flow.”

SMACNA members interested in learning more about ServiceTitan can visit the ServiceTitan webpage or contact Felicia Pancratz at (480) 601-1772 or