SMACNA-Western Washington and SMART Local 66 Partner to Provide Lactation Pods for Employees

First-ever joint initiative will assist mothers working in the sheet metal industry work in safety, privacy, and comfort.

SMACNA Western Washington and SMART Local 66 (Seattle) are collaborating on a joint initiative to provide lactation pods to mothers working in the industry. Beginning in April of this year, mothers will have a private space where they can nurse in an environment that promotes privacy and safety. This collaboration between SMACNA Western Washington and Local 66 hopes to provide a place where new mothers can return to work confidently.  

As part of this initiative mothers will have access pods through a controlled app, ending the instances where workers have had to nurse in places such as port-a-potties, cars, and other insecure locations. The pods will have a seat, sink, HVAC, electricity for the breast pump and phone chargers plus a refrigerator to keep the breast milk cold during the remaining hours of the workday. 

In talking about this development, Julie Muller, Executive Vice President of SMACNA-Western Washington, said, “After talking to Tammy Meyen, a journeywoman who’d had a baby around the same time as I had my twins, I was astonished at how different my experience was compared to hers. She and any of the tradeswomen mothers are all after the same goal — being good at their jobs while also being good mothers. Our goal is to make working in the fieldwork for them.”

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