SMACNA Western Washington Holds COVID Vaccine Clinics

SMACNA Western Washington, in partnership with Rite Aid and member companies Holaday Parks, Hermanson, PSF, Holmberg, Mac-Miller, and Johansen Mechanical, has been holding COVID vaccination clinics in an effort to get contractors and their employees vaccinated. To date, the joint effort has resulted in administering more than1,500 doses to members and workers, with a goal of having 2,000 people vaccinated by the end of April. 

Holaday Parks, Hermanson, PSF, Holmberg, Mac-Miller, and Johansen Mechanical held onsite clinics at their locations, and SMACNA Western Washington chipped in by created the online registration platform and marketing materials. The chapter also planned food trucks and event rentals for each site. The member companies provided a volunteer workforce and support. Each event featured a different theme, including Chicken Soup, Let do Shots, Disco Ball, DJ, Taco Trucks.

The clinics are open to all members of the association as well as all members’ employees. The joint effort is an excellent example of what SMACNA and its members can collectively accomplish when they work together to help end the spread of COVID-19.  

Be sure to also check out the video featuring SMACNA Western Washington’s the vaccine drive efforts.