Take Part in the Get to Know BE4ALL Challenge

Engage in this campaign to spread the word about BE4ALL’s objective to promote belonging as a part of a thriving unionized sheet metal industry – and for a chance to win $100!

This month begins the “Get to Know BE4ALL Challenge.” This campaign looks to increase awareness of BE4ALL’s overall mission: to create an industry‐wide culture where everyone is welcome and belongs, including those from historically underrepresented groups, and where we all strive for the highest standards of performance and professionalism, resulting in a thriving unionized sheet metal industry that affirms the dignity and worth of us all.

As a part of this challenge, each member who completes the steps below will be entered to win a $100 gift card

  1. Learn more about BE4ALL here;
  2. Next, complete the brief survey;
  3. Once you complete the survey, with all four BE4ALL questions answered correctly, you will receive a unique image via email. Post that image to your social media feeds with the hashtag #BE4ALL23 – and you will have completed the Challenge!

The deadline to enter is June 30. We encourage all our SMACNA members to post the Get To Know BE4ALL Challenge Flyer in your shops and offices to help spread the word about BE4ALL and its work to promote a dynamic, inclusive, thriving unionized sheet metal industry.