Take the SMACNA Sheet Metal Industry Workforce Forecasting Survey

Joint survey will assist SMACNA in understanding future labor needs and anticipate potential workforce shortages.

SMACNA requests your participation in a ten-question Sheet Metal Industry Workforce Forecasting Survey. Your responses to this anonymous survey will help SMACNA measure skilled labor needs and determine where workforce shortages may occur in 2023 and beyond. Data collected from the survey will be used to help SMACNA members be better prepared to address worker shortages industrywide. 

SMART General President Joseph Sellers said, "it is important that we tackle the workforce issue facing us together. We need your help to forecast and plan for the work ahead." SMACNA CEO Aaron Hilger added, "Considering the changing climate facing our contractors', having our members take this survey is a critical step in partnership with SMART. It is extremely difficult too meet hiring needs when we don’t have a good picture of the number of union members needed and where the projects are.”

This survey is quick, easy to complete, and confidential. Take a moment to complete the survey.