TAUC Publishes Union Craft Labor Supply Report

Report provides a comprehensive look at the union construction and maintenance industry by examining data from 14 union crafts.

The Association of Union Constructors (TAUC) has published the 2022 edition of the TAUC Union Craft Labor Supply Report. The study, conducted by the Construction Labor Research Council (CLRC), analyzes the union construction and maintenance industry and examines trends influencing the union labor force in 14 crafts.

The report collected responses from almost 700 individuals across various roles in the construction and maintenance sectors. The report examined several core issues of importance, including age demographics, overall industry confidence, and employee health and well-being. Sheet metal workers were a focus area for the report, as it examined historical and current data regarding workforce surpluses v. worker shortages.

Overall, the report found that the shortage of workers in the sheet metal industry was relatively unchanged in 2021 when compared with 2020; -2.2% vs. -2.3%. This placed sheet metal in a better place than most other crafts, which averaged -3.7% in 2021, up from -1.6% in 2020. Plumbers and pipefitters had a -1.2% shortage of workers, up from -.3% in 2020. 

Visit TAUC's website for more information, including findings on the numbers of workers believed to be vaccinated, the number of people touched by suicide in 2021 as well as the difference of views between labor and management on the ability to meet the staffing needs of the industry, see the full report and associated documents.