Supervisor Training Academy a Success

Speakers and group exercises provide attendees with insight into evolving trends and best practices in conflict resolution and team management.

St. Louis, Missouri was the site of the latest edition of SMACNA’s Supervisor Training Academy. The three-day educational program allowed attendees to learn more about how to invest in the success of those under them through enhanced leadership techniques. The program featured collaborative learning experiences coupled with the opportunity to hear from several topical experts.

Speakers included corporate trainer Kevin Dougherty. His leadership presentation addressed transition to management, motivation, team building, and delegating. In addition, his communication session addressed handling conflict, active listening, and controlling conversations. 

Construction consultant Andy Patron led a discussion on emotional intelligence and how it differentiates average leaders from great leaders through social awareness and relationship management. 

Through an interactive exercise with participants, Stephanie McShane, a consultant with Maxim Consulting, demonstrated how to manage field management obstacles and opportunities. She also provided insight on how to measure productivity accurately.

Attendees were pleased with the content presented during the program; Cody Aisenson from Delta Air Conditioning was able to learn how to approach challenging workplace situations, saying that the speakers “taught me how to plan difficult conversations.” Cody also said that his peers should consider attending the Academy as it provides an opportunity to “sharpen leadership skills.”

Jeff Lappe from Ernest L. Menold, Inc. seconded many of these sentiments, saying that the event provided him with new tools to “improve time management, conflict resolution, and delegation.”