Third Party Pre-Qualification

SMACNA is working with MCAA, NECA and TAUC on trends in Third Party Pre-Qualification and is requesting your input.

SMACNA has been working with our Association Alliance partners (MCAA, NECA and TAUC) on the current trends in Third Party Pre-Qualification required by some clients and projects. Service providers such as ISNetworld, Avetta, and Browz have pre-project requirements for safety, insurance, and other company business items. Members report the process can be burdensome and costly, and SMACNA is working with the Association Alliance partners to address this practice.

SMACNA will be sending out a survey in a few weeks regarding member experience with Third Party Pre-Qualification and we would appreciate a few minutes of your time. The survey is designed to be quick with simple “check the box” type responses. Your input will assist in identifying the scope of the problem and providing direction in identifying and addressing any issues.

Thank you.