Two Day Technical University Draws Several Attendees

Iowa event featured presentations from SMACNA’s Technical Services group on several key SMACNA standards and guides.

A two-day Technical University event was recently held at SMACNA Iowa. This event was an opportunity for members to learn more about selected SMACNA standards and understand some potential industrial applications.

Featured speakers included Eli Howard, SMACNA Executive Director, Technical Services, along with Senior Project Managers Scott Barr and Shawn OHara.

Day 1 of the program, saw over 40 attendees take part in an in-depth presentation on the SMACNA HVAC Duct Construction Standard, Fire Smoke Damper Manual and Duct Leakage. The second day was focused on industrial applications, including both the SMACNA Round & Rectangular Duct Construction Standard. This was followed up by a discussion on both the SMACNA Free Standing and Guyed-Wired Steel Stacks.